This might be an unpopular opinion. When you think of winter in New Jersey you inevitably think of snow.

Granted, we haven't had it here in almost two years (hopefully this isn't the jinx).

Looking at the weather forecast upcoming in Jersey, it feels like we might go another two years before we ever see snow again. And spoiler alert, I'm totally okay with that.

I never fully understood why people had an affliction with snow. It's one thing if you ski or snowboard, but outside of that is there really any use for it?

Some will say it looks pretty, but after a few days it just turns into snow/dirt and then it's ugly.

And don't forget the worst part of it all, shoveling! Yep, nothing quite like having to go outside and shovel the entire driveway and walkway so that there's a path.

Just a bunch of unnecessary work that wouldn't happen if we got no snow. Plus it's got to be cold for there to be snow and the cold weather is no fun in my opinion either. As soon as you walk outside and you're bitter cold? No thanks.

Once the snow melts too then you're stuck with a dirty car for the foreseeable future.

Yeah, I think I speak for many in New Jersey when I say we don't need the snow.

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