New Jersey is at the top of the list when it comes to addiction and overdose deaths. It’s a list we certainly don’t want to be on as it shows just how bad the addiction crisis is in our state.

Thousands of families are dealing with the crisis of addiction every year. Some addicts get hooked from over using opioids prescribed by docs. Some start just chasing a high as young as fourteen.

My friend Daniel Regan is one of the success stories in the midst of the horror show taking place across the nation. Daniel shared his story with me on the show about his battle with drugs starting when he was just 14. As I have discussed numerous times on the show, it’s really up to us.

Politicians pay lip service and attend candle light vigils to grab headlines, all the while doing nothing to curb the epidemic. The solution is with us. Parents teaching their kids through a little tough love to learn coping skills are a top priority. People standing up for themselves and stop crying ‘victim’ are instead fighting back. Daniel’s story that began with drug use at 14 and almost killed him, literally 6 failed attempts at rehab and now nearly ten years sober, is a compelling one. And it’s one you need to hear if you or someone you know is battling addiction.

Private groups like CFC Loud-n-Clear are leading the way to save lives.

Join me on Saturday, September 28th in Seaside Heights for the sixth annual “Rock The Farm” event. I’ll be on stage hosting for the fifth year in a row with my #SpeakingPodcast co-host Jessica Gibson. Last year we welcomed close to 8,000 people and we’re hoping to top that number this year.

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