Wawa and QuickChek, it almost seems like a never-ending competition between the two of them here in New Jersey.

And you have diehard fans of each that will swear that their team is the clear winner.

But whether you’re team Wawa, or team QuickChek, you have a regular order. Everyone does. Or maybe it’s two or three options. But everybody has their usual(s).

For me, at Wawa it’s an egg white omelette wrap and a sweet cream cold brew. At QuickChek it’s a 6 inch tuna California sub with pickles and tomatoes. And a salted caramel iced latte.


So I thought it was really interesting when someone on Reddit asked what New Jersey fans of both stores considered their go to order. Some of them are things I would order, but others are downright strange.

But everyone on Reddit has an opinion. And since Reddit is considered the “front page of the internet,” i think it’s a fair representation of what new Jerseyans order. here’s what I found.

The Totowa QuickChek (Google Maps)
The Totowa QuickChek (Google Maps)

Below are the Reddit users username, followed by their order.


Chicken, bacon, ranch Panini lettuce, tomato and hot peppers


Chicken strip mac and cheese bowl. Maybe mashed potatoes instead of the mac and cheese if I want something heavier.

Cold YellowGatorade

If it's the fall/winter - gobbler sandwich. If it's summer time, chicken quesadilla, lays chips and a Wawa iced tea.


Either a steak and cheese on a hoagie or a buffalo chicken hoagie with a sparking water and a bag of salt vinegar chips.


I'm getting a large chicken corn chowder with old bay, a sandwich of sorts, custom Italian hoagie, and a few gatorades, maybe a milkshake or smoothie.



Usually find the chili at QuikChek really appealing under such circumstances, which defies pretty much all logic. I get the sandwich counter to do me half an inch of hot sauce in the cup first, to give it some semblance of heat.


Grilled cheese with cucumbers and black olives on a Portuguese roll qc.


Well, Wawa recently released a tuna melt sandwich. It's a heart attack of a sandwich, though, it's 995 calories.


This is terrible but hear me out, portuguese roll with butter, tomato, avocado.


Wawa cheddar broccoli soup and coffee Quick check Italian sub and fountain soda

Wawa workers reveal the food orders they hate making the most

See the full comment thread on Reddit here.

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