Tom is a hardworking guy. He’s a husband and a father to three kids. He’s a police officer. And he needs your help.

George “Tom” Olski has selflessly given for two decades as a law enforcement officer in Long Branch. He’s helped the public, and he’s helped fellow officers covering their shifts when they needed time off.

But recently he became the one who needs help. It would be a shame after all his years of giving if we didn’t come through for him.

Officer Olski was told he has kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant to survive. He’s forced to take dialysis three times a week and he’s on the donor list after no match was found within his family. You can imagine the stress, the fear, the worry. And the bills.

That’s where fellow officer Brian Oliveira comes in. He launched a GoFundMe effort to help Tom and his wife and kids. The original goal of $10,000 was already surpassed by $2,769 as I write this, but with everything looming for this family they could use even more I’m sure.

Oliveira says, “Tom and his family have been thrown into a whirlwind of chaos during a global pandemic. He now has to undergo dialysis three times a week, while still trying to support his family.”

Meanwhile if anyone is kind enough to want to see if they would be a good donor match and save the life of a New Jersey police officer you can write to

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