Two Trenton law enforcement members are in trouble and can use your help.

Trenton Police Officer Franky Guzman had a dizzy spell on the job a year ago and found out he had a brain tumor. The tumor was removed that same week and it took a year for Franky to recover.

Miraculously he was back on the job and sadly and in a sad twist of fate, another tumor was discovered. Thankfully Franky got through the surgery and is back on medical leave.

Being out of work this long has put the family into financial hard times. His wife and two kids have been his best support network but the family needs help.

Another Trenton PD member is also having a difficult time. Trenton Police Detective Robert Furman was diagnosed with a nerve disorder which has a recovery period of 18-24 months. He was diagnosed after he passed out while traveling to Florida and needed to be revived with CPR.

In order to rally the community and give back to two hero officers who have sacrificed and served the rest of us for many years, a benefit will be held on Saturday, April 6 at the Trenton PBA Local 11 Headquarters.

The address is 130 Betts Avenue in Lawrence.

The group is asking for $100 for a ticket which includes raffle tickets, a buffet dinner, and beer and soda. Join me at this event and help these police officers and their families.

Please continue to check out my public schedule and join me at events across the state!

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