👻 TikTok has a list of the top 10 haunted roads in America

👻 Two New Jersey roads made the list with one being the most haunted

The spooky season is upon us and many of you may be looking for some cool haunted places to visit. There are haunted trails, haunted houses, and haunted hayrides to name a few. But have you ever been on a haunted road?

According to SIXT, the hunt is on for the spookiest roads across the U.S., with searches for haunted roads up 126% in the past month alone.

Cool, right? Well, SIXT has rounded up the 10 most haunted roads across the nation, according to TikTok. Two of those haunted roads are in New Jersey, and, even cooler, one of those Garden State Roads is the #1 most haunted road across the nation.

What is it?

Clinton Road (DayTrippers)
Clinton Road (Roadtrippers)

Clinton Road in West Milford is considered to be the most haunted road in the U.S., according to TikTok. The road is associated with Ghost Boy Bridge. There have been 107 ghost sightings on the road with 8.7 million views on TikTok.

Locals tell the story of a young boy who lost his life when he was hit and killed by a car on one of the bridges over Clinton Brook when he went to pick up a quarter he saw on the ground. The ghost boy apparently hangs out under a bridge and returns coins to people after they throw them in the water. Some say, that if you bend over to pick up the change, he’ll push you into the water to save you from being hit by a car.

Also on the list

Google maps
Shades of Death Road (Google maps)

Another haunted New Jersey road that made the top 10 list is Shades of Death Road in Warren County. The road is associated with a series of fatal occurrences. There have been 107 ghost sightings on the road and 89.6 thousand views on TikTok.

According to WeirdNJ.com, Shades of Death Road has been a dark, mysterious thoroughfare for travelers to cut across one of the most isolated parts of New Jersey for centuries.

Legend has it that the original inhabitants of the area were an unruly band of squatters. Men from this gang would get into fights over women, and the squabbles would result in the death of one of the participants. As the reputation of these murderous bandits crew, the area became known as “Shades of Death.” When the gang was disbanded, the last remaining member took control of this one road that retained the name they made famous.

There is another theory that says the road was originally known as “The Shades” because of its low-hanging trees which formed a canopy of the street. Over time, many murders occurred there. Many of those murders have remained unsolved, causing locals to add the “of Death” part to the “Shades” original name, according to WeirdNJ. Some people have even claimed to see the dead walking along the road in the mist.

TikTok's Top 10 Most Haunted Roads in the U.S.


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