Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bars will be full in the South and Midwest today. Not NJ of course. COVID is still a threat right? No one really getting sick, hospitalizations thru the floor, but hey, better safe than sorry! What a bunch of nonsense.

Meanwhile in Alabama, they celebrated the National Championship with thousands in the streets. The Super Bowl in Tampa went off without so much as a sneeze. And the governor in Florida is out at bars toasting with constituents. In other words, COVID is long over. And it’s obviously seasonal so it’ll be back. And that means until people just ignore the panic and unmask, gather and start living, NJ will be stuck.

Welcome to Day 367 of 15 to stop the spread that stopped on its own. We'll be celebrating a traditional St. Patrick's Day with friends and family at the house serving of course corned beef and potatoes. Perhaps a bit of Irish Whiskey will make an appearance. Don't let the panickers get you down. It's a great holiday and it's intended to be marked by being surrounded by friends and family. Be a super-spreader of smiles and fun today!

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