Not only has July been designated National Hot Dog Month, but July 17 is National Hot Dog Day! So where are the best Hot Dogs in New Jersey? Personally I'm a big fan of the Trenton "Thunderdog" available at the minor league baseball games. It's a big juicy tubesteak lying on a bed of Taylor Ham and cheese on a fresh torpedo roll. I can almost hear Bruce singing "Oh Thunder Dog Oh Thunder Dog."

I'm also a fan of the Italian hot dogs fried with peppers, onion, and potatoes, not to mention the deep fried dogs at "Rutt's Hut." But growing up, nothing beat the guy named Nick who pushed his hot dog cart up the streets of Union City giving you the choice of onions, sauerkraut or for a little extra, chili.

Here are some of New Jersey's favorite Hot Dog places, as always, to stay connected with the show online for questions like this you can follow me on Twitter @realstevetrev or on Facebook at The Steve Trevelise Show.

Ryan Maher - "Hiram’s Fort Lee. Debate over."

Lori Berry - "Hot Dog Johnny's - Rt. 46."

Robert Condrillo - "Jimmy Buffs in Kenilworth."

Joseph Goch - "Satriealii’s."

Tommy Howell - "All of them are good!..... Patti's Franks in Brick, Moondawg Grill in Moorestown, Bears In Sayreville, Jimmy Buffs in Kenilworth and Randy The Hot Dog Guy in Hillside!"

Jerry Rubino - "Wherever you can get LaFrieda hot dogs."

Hannah Rowan - "Max's in Long Branch."

Rob Farber - "Hot diggity dog Chatsworth."

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