There’s a re-branding going on in Hackensack for the new year, but I’m not sure if the new nickname sounds as good as they think it does: “The Sack.”

The marketing push is coming from the Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance, and according to its website, “The promise of a new day in Downtown Hackensack is emerging and THE SACK is on the verge of a revival. An incredible opportunity for new businesses or those considering relocation. Luxury apartments are ascending and the population boom will drive success for retail, trendy new restaurants, and nightlife. All of this is happening only 15 minutes from New York City. Don’t be late to the party! Get to THE SACK. Hackensack is on the RISE.”

In an article on, longtime residents of Hackensack have used the nickname “The Sack” before, but the town is also known as the “City in Motion.” The Business Alliance hopes the new, trendy nickname will help make the municipality more attractive to prospective residents and shoppers; alliance director Eric Anderson told, “"So many people are used to Main Street being an uneventful place; so if we put up a sign that said: 'Come to Main Street, Hackensack,' people would have kept on driving. By picking 'The Sack,' we stand out. We own it."

They didn’t pick the nickname on a whim: they spent $10,000 on designing, surveying and marketing a new nickname, and bought a billboard on Route 17 to promote it. I guess it’s time to hit the Sack!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.