As we once again assess how to stop mass shootings, President of the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society Alexander P. Roubian called to give his perspective on the right to carry.

In the wake of the San Bernardino killing that left 14 dead, I asked him whether having the ability to keep a firearm on your person at all times would make a difference in preventing violence in New Jersey.

"People have to realize that almost every other state allows the ability for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm for self-defense," said Roubian.

According to Roubian, crime rates have "plummeted" in places where people are allowed to carry a gun for their safety, and people who claim it does makes the world less safe are fear-mongering.

"Most of these crimes are perpetuated in gun-free zones," Roubian said in reference to the California shooting that occurred yesterday. "These terrorists, these criminals, they know how to take advantage of disarmed people — people that cannot fight back. And that's the problem. It's because of bureaucracy. This is a war against women. This is a war against minorities. Because they're the people most affected by more gun laws, and by taking away a person's ability to protect yourself and to fight back- you know, that's violence."

Roubian said his organization just launched a campaign to expose the bureaucracy and hypocrisy of police departments denying people the opportunity to apply for permits.

We agreed that firearms are the great equalizer in these situations.

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