In Tuesday night's gubernatorial debate, Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno went at it over the Las Vegas shooting, when was the appropriate time to talk about guns, and New Jersey's role in strict gun laws. Murphy wants a ban on bump stocks and .50 caliber weapons among other things. He tried to slam Guadagno as having received a grade of A from the NRA whereas he was proud to receive an F.

Kim came back at him saying, "I've been a federal prosecutor, a state prosecutor, a sheriff in Monmouth County; no one knows better how to protect people in this state than me." She went on to say she believes Phil Murphy has to answer a particular question. Then she went ahead and asked it. "If guns are so bad why has Goldman Sachs invested in gun manufacturers over the years and how much has he profited by that investment?"


What does Mr. if-it-saves-even-one-life-then-it's-worth-it say to that? "I think if I had your track record and Governor Christie's track record I'd try to change the subject as well."

Really Phil? Changing the subject? You were talking about the evils of guns. If you have any sincerity in that then why was this question off limits? And how was it possibly changing the subject? The subject was guns, gun laws, innocent people dying. Did you or did you not profit off the manufacturing of guns? What a total coward for dodging this. And thanks to a terrible moderator, Jim Gardner, he was allowed to slink away like a snake into the brush without answering it.

You can see the entire exchange in the first 3 minutes of this video. There's no one issue by which I'm making up my mind, but there's not a chance I'm voting for this rich phony.

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