Kim Guadagno has been the Lt. Gov. and second in command under Chris Christie for over seven years. You will never know that from watching her first campaign ad. It mentions she's "one of us," of course. It mentions she's been a prosecutor, a sheriff, and a military mom. No mention whatsoever that she is and has been Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno all this time.

With one of the most unpopular governors in history to drag her down, she's clearly trying to cut the cord. Too little too late I say. Kim, you kept your mouth shut all these years throughout Bridgegate and every lousy decision your boss made. You were complicit. Only when you decided you wanted his job did you speak up. Sorry, but I see you as just another empty politician spewing out the typical empty promises. "Real property tax reform and a full audit of Trenton." Yeah, okay. Gosh golly I feel so inspired now.

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