The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has partnered with St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison to launch the first-ever facility dedicated strictly to providing behavioral rehabilitation to dogs, who are victims of animal cruelty.

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(Photo credit: ASPCA)
(Photo credit: ASPCA)

Dr. Pamela Reid, who serves as Vice President of the new facility and the ASPCA's Anti-Cruelty Behavior Teams, says the center is focused on dogs, who have been recovered from puppy mills, hoarding and dog fighting cases.

"Many of these dogs are under-socialized. They haven't been exposed to people. They haven't been exposed to the world, so they come in very, very frightened of everything."

The findings gleaned from this groundbreaking effort will serve as the basis of a research study to be shared with shelters and rescue groups across the country.

"So now we are able to give those dogs, that need our extra special care and attention, what they need before they go out to be pets in the community."

(Photo credit: ASPCA)
(Photo credit: ASPCA)

Up to 27 dogs will be able to housed and cared for at the center at any given time. Reid says having this resource at their disposal will allow for customized treatment and increased recovery time.

"And what we're really looking to demonstrate is what types of interventions can help these dogs and what's a reasonable time period," she explained. "So, we'll be looking at preparing these dogs for life with other animals, life with families."

Dogs that graduate from the program will then be placed in the ASPCA's network of partner shelters, which includes St. Hubert's, to be prepared for adoption.

The two-year research project is being funded by the ASPCA. Reid credits St. Hubert's for being a model partner.

"They have tremendous people there, great behavior experts, and they've been very welcoming and very helpful in this collaboration."

Learn more about the ASPCA's efforts by visiting their website and Facebook page.  You can also check out St. Hubert's online and on Facebook.

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