Imagine losing the love of your life unexpectedly. Your once peaceful and happy world has become a living nightmare. But slowly, you start to pick up the pieces and put them together, managing to put one foot in front of the other and move, not really forward or  backward, but just move. Eventually, you might even consider dating again. But how soon it too soon, and is there really such a thing?

Actor Patton Oswalt took a lot of heat when he announced his engagement in July to actress Meredith Salenger. The actor lost his wife, Michelle McNamara, in April 2016 after she passed away in her sleep. The actor had given an emotional and heartfelt interview to the New York Times in Oct. 2016, telling the reporter that he'll never fully recover from his wife's death.

The backlash to his engagement was shift and aggressive, with many people saying the engagement came too soon after McNamara's death.

Oswalt, who said in a Facebook post that he was going to ignore the "bitter grub worms," did eventually respond to his critics by sharing a blog written by Erica Roman about loss. In Roman's blog, she defended Oswalt, saying "You aren't entitled to an opinion."

What do you think? Do you think there's a period of time that people who've experienced a loss should wait until pursing love again? Or do you agree that until you've experience loss yourself, you don't have a right to judge?

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