Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that during a 2005 visit to New Jersey he saw a UFO the size of a ship out of the movie "Independence Day."

Rodgers told the podcast You Made It Weird he was at a friend's home — in a rural part of the state he didn't identify — after dinner and heard a siren that drew him, his friend Steve and Steve's brother outside into the February night.

Rodgers said they saw something in the sky that looked like a fiery orange light behind the clouds moving left-to-right before vanishing. But object could still be heard.

"We looked at each and went 'what the f--- was that'" said Rodgers.

Tell us about it: Have you ever seen a UFO in New Jersey? Describe your close encounter below.

After 30 seconds they heard four fighter jets fly overhead following the craft.

"If you know anything about UFOs, one is the presence of fighter jets," Rodgers said. "And two, is there's a lot of sightings around nuclear power plants" and said the alarm was from a nuclear power plant 30 miles away.

Rodgers said there was nothing reported in the media about the incident but it got him interested in UFOs and "ancient aliens," something Rodgers said he has always been always interested in. "There's something you can;t know or explain and then you look at Egyptian hieroglyphics" and notice it looks like electricity."

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