When I was growing up in Union City in the seventies, every Friday night my father used to take my sister and I out to the Yankee Tower Diner in Fairview for dinner. Sometimes, we’d go see my Uncle Lou who was policeman there but most times, we’d talk football and eat the best meatloaf I’d ever tasted.

Meatloaf Recipe from the Yankee Tower Diner in Fairview
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Last month, we’d had a very funny comedienne named Julia Scotti perform at my Sarcasm Comedy Club in the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza  and she had somehow gotten the meatloaf recipe even though the diner had been closed for years.  I was never really sure if it was the meatloaf that was so good or the fact that a young boy got to have grownup football conversations with his father made it even better. This weekend I discovered the answer. THAT MEATLOAF IS FRIGGIN GREAT!!!! Try it you’ll like it. Here’s the recipe.


Ingredients: 2-lbs ground beef
4oz. cubed Swiss cheese
4oz. cubed Yellow American cheese
1 medium Spanish onion (chopped)
2 whole eggs
6oz. whole milk
6oz. plain breadcrumbs
1Tbsp (tablespoon) granulated beef bouillon Salt and pepper to taste

 Combine all ingredients in bowl. Season-make into loaf, bake at 400 degrees for 50-60 minutes (or internal tem p of 160 degrees, slice and serve with your favorite gravy. (also, makes a great sandwich!)


This got me to thinking about what other great Jersey foods that you can’t get anymore. The Callahan’s hot dog for instance, flamed broiled burgers from "The Bottom of The Barrel" in Union City, which was also called “The Hoagie House” . What are some of the great diner dishes that you used to love but can’t get anymore because the places that served them are no linger there? Leave your choices below.

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