There's a movie being made about former New York Giants quarterback Kurt Warner, who held the QB role first in 2004 until Eli Manning was ready to take the reins and lead the G-Men to 2 Super Bowls. American Underdog The Kurt Warner Story. It's based on Warner's book "All Things Possible, My story of Faith, Football, and the First Miracle Season." As great as Warners story is, going from stocking shelves in Iowa to winning a Super Bowl, there are some other local sports figures who we grew to love watching play that would be great on the silver screen. Here are a few.

"Namath" a biography by Marc Kriegel. To me this is the greatest sports movie never made. Namath was the first "rock star" quarterback, who's long hair and fur coats, not to mention his playboy life, put the American Football League on the map with the younger generation. This culminated with him guaranteeing and winning Super Bowl III. It would be worth making for the soundtrack sets and cars alone. Kriegel goes on to tell what happens to Namath afterward, going right up to his wanting to kiss ESPN's Suzy Kobler and how that embarrassing moment changed his life.

Not a Game, The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson. If Namath was the rock star quarterback, Iverson was definitely the hip hop basketballer. Here's this guy who constantly puts the Sixers on his back and even though they never won the championship, they did get to the finals once and his connection to the fans in Philadelphia is unmatched.

Jane Leavey's "The Last Boy, Mickey Mantle and the End Of America's Childhood" Mick's life has been done in documentaries and in the Billy Crystal movie "61" but never on its own. You cannot watch any Mickey Mantle story without crying afterwards, at least I can't.

"The Bronx Zoo" by Sparky Lyle. It's the story of the 1978 New York Yankees as told by one of its biggest stars. You've got George Steinbrenner the owner who's constantly feuding and eventually firing manager Billy Martin only to announce at Old Timers Day that he's bringing him back to a standing ovation. You've got Martin almost coming to blows in the dugout after taking Reggie Jackson out of a game against the hated Red Sox on national television, then there's Thurmon Munson, the everyman's fan who no one would mess with.

Belichick, The Making of the Greatest Football coach of all time by Ian O'Connor. Who would play the puppet-master who would stop at nothing to win 6 Super Bowls as head coach and 2 more as an assistant? Giants fans would go, Jets fans wouldn't at first but then show up just to see.

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