JACKSON — Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor will be hiring more than 4,000 for the 2018 season.

The two parks will be hosting a series of job fairs, auditions and rehiring events in order to fill those positions. Events will also be held at local schools and events throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

"Through four seasons, Six Flags offers incredible opportunities for practical, resume-building experience," Christine Parker, the park's director of human resources and administration, said. "We provide a place for many young workers to gain their first valuable work experience, as well as a stepping stone for others to grow and reach that next level in their careers."

In filling the 4,000 positions Parker said the parks are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds for a wide variety of roles. For teenagers, adults and senior citizens,the opportunities are "endless," Parker said.

"Those looking for a future in law enforcement can begin here in security or loss prevention; students exploring business have a wide variety of choices from marketing to finance and retail," she said.

More information about jobs available and how to apply for them can be found at sixflagsjobs.com.

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