Our compassionate caring omnipotent Governor promised many things during his campaign. One of his pathetic pandering, virtue signaling, fake empathetic pledges was to end the state's bear hunt to satisfy yet another fringe group of misguided animal lovers. Now he's being sued by several groups claiming that he has no legal standing to do that, even on state lands.

Now, I wouldn't shoot a bear unless it was about to kill me, but I know people who do hunt bear in New Jersey and they're not at all the mindless killing monsters they're made out to be. They are usually very environmentally conscious animal lovers who also enjoy hunting. How can this be, you ask? Well, if you do ask that question, then you don't know any hunters very well.

If the population of bears in this state goes unchecked, we could have a situation like they're dealing with in our neighboring state of Pennsylvania. It's called mange and you can see it here. As a hunter friend of mine says, "Mother nature is cruel. When mother nature sees there are too many of a certain species in an area, she eliminates them this way and it's painful and sad."

What's happening in Pennsylvania could easily spread here. How would the animal activists and their hero Governor Murphy feel if that happens I wonder. More unintended consequences of "humane, caring, progressive" policies. Sad. Very sad.

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