It didn't take Murphy more that two days after the horrific Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh to use it for political gain. He came out Monday and said, “we must ensure those intent on acting on their hate through violence do not have access to guns.”

It's a typical knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy that has nothing to do with safety, security or the horrendous act on Saturday. It has to do with power and control. Something progressives crave like a Vampire needs blood.

Do you think someone so evil and intent on mass murder is going to worry about local gun laws? They could drive a few states away or just go underground completely and buy them illegally with far less chance of detection. This will ONLY affect the law abiding gun owners in a state where the gun law are already among the most prohibitive in the nation.

Very few New Jersey residents, outside of police and retired law enforcement, can protect themselves in the face of a violent attack. Many retired cops in New Jersey that I know feel a little guilty that they have the right to protect themselves, but the majority of us are left defenseless. This kind of progressive overreach, risking the security of law abiding citizens, following a horrific tragedy is disgraceful and ineffective but not unexpected.

This governor has put more effort into separating you from your money and liberty than any other NJ politician in recent memory. On Monday Murphy called his latest gun/ammo initiative, "gun safety package 2.0". It's more like "shameless power-grab 2.0"!

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