The 'Givenor' went to Evesham Township, aka Marlton, last night to swear in the new Democratic Mayor Jaclyn Veasey.

NJ Governors rarely travel too far into South Jersey unless it's for serious political trouble or in this case to gloat over a Democrat taking over a seat formerly held by a Republican in what is considered a fairly red county. He spouted out the usual platitudes about working together and keeping the town a great place to live, blah, blah, blah. Even Senate President Steve Sweeney was there and those two hate being in the same room together.

The real reason for being here was to show that Democrats control this state and continue to gain power, even as they continue to make it more difficult to afford to live here. The 'Givenor' continues to have fairly high favorability even though his ideas are wildly unpopular and counter to what most hard working tax payers in New Jersey want.

The reason is simple. He's not angry. He doesn't seem to be mean or unpleasant to anyone. He's got a big toothy smile with kind words and congeniality for every group he addresses. And the public sucks it up like little kittens to a bowl of milk.

One resident I talked to that was there last night was surprised at how "nice" he seems, even though he can't stand what the 'Givenor' stands for. That big toothy grin and kind word for everyone will eventually run out of track to run on and the train will mow you down too.

Maybe then people in this state will come to their senses and see what this carpetbagging, filthy rich liberal is all about. But from what I've seen in this state over the last 30 years, probably not!

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