Way to go Governor! You've literally been Governor for ten minutes (OK days) and already you're tweeting yourself a big pat on the back!

Yup, Governor Phil Murphy is off to an interesting start for sure. I looked at the list and it reads a bit like a guy reminding people that you took the time to show up for work and did something. Wondering, of course, how any of this makes New Jersey affordable again. My favorite part was the speech to the women's march and promoting "equal pay" and the minimum wage hike. Not sure what you mean by "supported small business" but I think he sincerely thinks he did something worthy of praise. I was impressed at how quickly he was in Highland Park to get in on the photo-op with the guy seeking "sanctuary" from a legal court order to be detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

There are two things on the list that I've pulled out of the Governor's "hey I'm really workin' hard for you tweet". Changes in medical marijuana regulations and a full audit of New Jersey Transit. But that's it so far.

Today, he and the new Attorney General, who is clearly a shill for the Governor's far Left political agenda, weighed in on the "soft target" discussion by making sure to role back legal gun owners ability to apply for a right to carry.

The Governor seems to be positioning himself for a White House run in 2020. He's appealing to the crowd on the false narrative about the gender wage gap, catering to the anti second amendment primary voters, hijacking a moment for a photo-op with a man seeking sanctuary from a lawful arrest and then conferencing with other governors today to concoct a plan to sue the federal government over a tax bill that will literally benefit more than 80% of his own constituents.

Let's go beyond the participation trophy of the checks. How about a letter grade for his initial performance as Governor? Here's your chance to grade him!


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