Sure, he fought against the residents of Bay Head to get them to accept the easement which would allow a dune to protect the shore. But apparently all that is water under the bridge (and across the street) since Christie and the Mrs. have purchased a sprawling four bedroom home in scenic Bay Head. The Ocean County town is known for its stunning beach views and and it’s ease of access to New York City from New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast line.

According to reports, Christie spent 2.9 million on his little beach getaway. And since he no longer has access to the island beach governor’s residence where he was so famously spotted vacationing during the government shut-down last year, he’s gonna need this place! It’s not like he would feel comfortable as a private citizen just hanging out on the public beach with all the rest of us! Hopefully, this will be a welcome respite from.... whatever it is he does these days!

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