Now that the Republican National Convention has wrapped up in Florida, Governor Christie heads back to the Garden State, with several items on his agenda.

Gov. Chris Christie waves as he takes the stage during the Republican National Convention

He says he'll push lawmakers to pass several bills.

"One is shared services - the S2 bill that Senator Sweeney has put forward. I'm a supporter of that. I'd like to see that move through the State Assembly. It's already passed in the Senate…We need to get municipalities sharing more services to continue the downward pressure on property taxes."

The measure would force towns to share services if it would save taxpayers money, by withholding state aid from municipalities that don't participate.

The Governor adds he would also like "to see us pass the - fees must be contained within the cap bill, so that we don't have more towns going above and beyond the 2 percent property tax cap. And third, I'd like to see the sick leave- zero means zero bill passed in the fall. And I'd like to begin to revisit more areas of education reform as well -go back and let's look again at the Opportunity Scholarship Act, cause I think it's important for failing districts."

Christie also says, "Finally we've got to get tax relief - and enough's enough with this waiting already. We've got to get tax relief if we want the New Jersey Comeback to get even stronger, we've got to put money in people's pockets and the only way to do that is through cutting taxes."