shared services

Sharing resisted
A proposed bill that would allow Jersey shore counties to take over beach operations from local communities if towns request it, isn't generating much support from either Republicans or Democrats.
A push for shared services
State Senate President Steve Sweeney has been spearheading legislation to encourage municipalities to share services in areas where it would save taxpayer dollars. His bill has consistently garnered support in the Upper House, but has always stalled in the Assembly.
Pushing Consolidation
Gov. Chris Christie says he's finally found the secret formula to lower property taxes in the Garden State -- although it's not really a secret at all.
NJ Shared Services Bill Could Die Monday [AUDIO]
Any bill that doesn't pass both houses of the New Jersey Legislature by this coming Monday will die and have to be reintroduced when the new legislature takes over Tuesday. One such bill that appears to be in jeopardy is a measure that would force towns to share services where it makes sense, o…
Shared Service Push
There is no more ardent advocate for requiring New Jersey towns to share services, if it makes sense, than state Sen. President Steve Sweeney.

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