Governor Christie, answering a question by one of the students at the Samsel Upper Elementary school in Parlin as to what his favorite basketball, baseball and football teams are, announced that he is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys!!!!


Christie also said that he is a Mets, Knicks and Rangers fan which I totally get growing up in north Jersey before the Devils came from Colorado. I even understand how he could be a Cowboys fan since back in the seventies, when the Giants were usually losing at one o' clock, (see Miracle of  the Meadowlands), the Cowboys were winning the 4 o'clock games.

The Governor says his father was a Giants and was always yelling at the TV. I can relate, having been a Giants fan since 1969. But now I think of the Gov, during the last game of the 2011 season, while most of us were rooting for the Giants to beat the Cowboys to begin their run that lead them to their second Super Bowl title in 5 years, cheering for Dallas. I wonder how he felt at the celebration at Met Life stadium.

But what the Governor says “The Teams you grew up liking are the teams you should keep liking” I totally get.

I grew up a Giants fan and will always be a Giants fan, no matter where I live or where I work. I’ve been a Giants fan covering the Philadelphia Eagles and their players know how I feel. I once sat in a dunk tank outside Lincoln Financial Field wearing a Plaxico Burress Jersey to raise money for Eagles Tackle Breast Cancer. (my wife is a survivor)

I know people who changed their team allegiance when they came to sports radio and as far as I’m concerned, those people are frauds. I’d rather stand by my team, especially after they win 2 Super Bowls in 5 years, than live a lie.

So I respect Governor Christie for remaining a Cowboys fan, even though he is the Governor of New Jersey. I also give him my deepest sympathies as I do every Dallas fan.

Would you ever change your team for your job?  Let us hear what you think below.