With the governor pushing to carve out his far-left national position to ingratiate himself to the radicals, you can expect to pay the price.

The governor is using his vast power as the state's chief executive to push an ideological agenda. Leaving aside the "green energy" folly that has the state pushing to ban gas stoves and build wind turbines full of fossil fuels and irreversibly killing marine life at the Jersey Shore, let's talk about consumer choices.

New Jersey imposing a new ban

The governor is using the power to change the administrative rules with the Department of Environmental Protection and the MVC to move toward an outright ban on gas cars in NJ.

(Photo: Dawn McDonald, Unsplash)
(Photo: Dawn McDonald, Unsplash)

The problems with going full EV

The obvious problems are built into the cost. First of all, the experts agree that we do not currently have the energy infrastructure to charge 100% EVs in NJ.

Second, even if we were able to get to that point, the estimated equivalent cost would be like paying $17 a gallon.

Then there's the issue of public safety when an EV is involved in a crash. Chemicals that are needed to put out EV fire, which can burn for hours, and the tens of thousands of gallons of water used make the cost of preparing for an EV fire prohibitive.

Matt Hearne via Unsplash
Matt Hearne via Unsplash

Solutions for New Jersey

We need to create an economic opportunity in New Jersey that lowers the cost of living, keeps our air and water clean, and empowers us to invest in our transportation and energy infrastructure.

Instead of pushing expensive and unrealistic consumer choices, what about leveling the playing field? Let's end the tax incentives on EVs so EV owners are paying their fair share.

Let's add a registration fee for EV cars so that we can offset the added cost of chemicals, water, equipment, and cleanup when an EV is involved in a crash.

Let's lower the corporation business tax and go further than allowing the surcharge to expire. Let's cut the tax in half to be in line with our neighbors taking that major out-migration issue off the table.

Bring back common sense

Cut taxes, and invest in true clean energy jobs through nuclear and natural gas. Bring businesses back to New Jersey and stimulate the economy Increase revenue and restructure education funding.

Focus on practical governing instead of radical ideological fantasies. We can restore common sense to the New Jersey government.

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