Absolutely no reason for the commuter nightmare experienced by most of us on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

The Governor, instead of meeting with emergency services and taking command, took the time to speak to a gathering of mayors in Atlantic City while the weather outside got increasingly worse. While you were stuck on the roadways, at the bus terminal or on the train platform, he was "coming at ya" on Facebook, smiling and blaming forecasters.


Our own Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow was talking about a challenging afternoon commute on Thursday on MONDAY. So the Governor knew. He simply failed to plan, prepare and lead.

Remember last March? Major storm caught the state unprepared and Murphy spent the night enjoying himself at the Stress Factory laughing with George Lopez. We gave him a 'mulligan' on that one, after all, he was only in office a couple months at the time. But this one? No excuse for the utter incompetence and complete disregard of New Jerseyans.

Kids stuck at school overnight, NJ Transit lines shut down, drivers stuck for hours on closed roads and hundreds of crashes across the state. All of this preventable in a snow event dropping 3-6 inches in most of the state. It has snowed before right? This is not Florida. Credit to the DOT workers and Law Enforcement members who braved the weather and came to the aid of so many on Thursday.

Shame on the Governor for thinking that it's OK to abdicate responsibility to forecasters. Shame on the Governor for being dishonest about the forecasts. He knew. He simply isn't equipped as a leader to handle situations requiring leadership. This is what happens when you elect a guy who is A: not from Jersey and B: so giddy about becoming Governor that he failed to realize that the job of Governor is actually a job.

Who speaks for New Jersey?

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