As you know, I'm working with a strong new organization, Affordable Energy New Jersey. We are focused on getting the truth out about the governor's energy "master plan." This plan is a disaster.

The governor is so focused on his far-Left, Green ideology he has forgotten, or simply doesn't care, about the cost of heating your home and feeding your family. It's easy for rich elites like Phil and Tammy to dismiss the concerns of real people who actually have to pay the bills with a weekly paycheck.

The plan is to convert your home to a heat pump and eliminate the reliable and affordable natural gas, which powers more than 75% of the homes in New Jersey. The reason has nothing to do with providing clean and affordable energy for most families.

The fact that natural gas is among the cleanest fuel sources we have in the world and carbon emissions are at historic lows is ignored. The fact that the U.S. is the top producer of natural gas in the world and that abundance has led to some of the lowest energy costs in decades is completely ignored.

Nope, this is all about ideology. It's all about the radical Greens who want to eliminate fossil fuels based on their strange belief that humans and not nature, control the climate. This despite the fact that the earth was a lot warmer thousands of years ago long before the elites started flying the globe in their private jets. Even if some scientists concede the point that there is some human impact to the climate cycles, it's minimal at best and if New Jersey eliminated all natural gas and nuclear there would be only an infinitesimal impact on the overall energy consumption of the planet.

So are you willing to suffer higher costs? Are you willing to spend thousands to convert your home to a heat pump system for cooling and heating knowing that you'd be dependent on a similar grid to California. California which has suffered through black and brown outs for years because of the inefficiency of solar and wind power.

One of the experts who is weighing on this conversation is Economist Jonathan Lesser. He's an adjunct fellow at the well respected Manhattan Institute and has 30 years of experience working with the energy industry. Enjoy the conversation on my latest podcast and make sure you tell everyone who will listen to push back and stop Murphy's disastrous plan.

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