In a state where the cost of living and the taxes are just about the highest in the country and the business climate the worst for any size business, we elected a guy who wants to double down on the policies that brought us here. Now if you ask him, it's all the fault of the previous administration. "They hollowed out the middle class", he's always fond of saying. Chubby (the former governor) didn't have much of a chance with an opposition party legislature and there was some earnest attempt in the beginning of his "reign" to chip away at some of the mess.

Then, as you know, he abandoned us for his own higher political aspirations. Old news. Governor Murphy is either so out of touch that he doesn't realize that middle class New Jersey is being crushed by his policies or there is a deeper, more sinister plot to chase everyone out of the state who isn't ultra rich or a beneficiary of one of his many caring programs.

I think he's just so out of touch, he can't see any of it. I've met him twice. He's very friendly, affable and pleasant. So I think the evil mastermind thing can be dismissed. Let's get to the clueless assertion. Judi and I did an hour on what you would ask the Governor if you had the chance to talk with him. The conversation turned fairly critical and acerbic and Judi suggested maybe we should lighten up because he's probably listening on his way in. To which I said, it doesn't matter because he's not listening. He doesn't even know anyone, who knows anyone, who knows anyone who might have ever listened.

So we gave out a clue word, "Berlin", because he used to be the ambassador to Germany. We restated it SIX times and I said, when he comes in I say "hey Governor what's the word", like a casual greeting and I said his response will be, "how ya doin". That's EXACTLY what happened. He also added, "you guys are doin' a great job". He's very cordial and nice, but VERY out of touch with the "commoners" like you and me here in New Jersey.

The problem is, elites like him, as nice as he is, don't leave their progressive, lefty bubble. They don't know anyone like you and me. They don't have conversations with anyone like us. They certainly don't associate with people that have our ideas and ideals. So wherever he goes, ideas like mandatory health insurance, raising taxes to fund education or transportation, sanctuary status for illegal immigrants are all met with unanimous approval and congratulation.

If he gets all the utopian wishes he desires, the only people to survive here are the uber rich who live in the same bubble, the government dependent and the unionized government employees, who will have to flee shortly after retirement because it just won't be sustainable for them to live here either. The rest of us are gonna get hammered, and hammered hard. But as Governor Murphy would say to us commoners, if we should complain. "It's the right thing to do".

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