Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday took a firm stance against public corruption, an offense he is all too familiar with.

Governor Chris Christie holds his 102nd Town Hall at St. Luke Baptist Church in Paterson, N.J. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie reminded an overflow town hall crowd in Paterson that before running for governor, he served as New Jersey's chief federal prosecutor for seven years.

"We put 130 politicians, Republicans and Democrats, in jail for corruption," Christie boasted, noting his office did not lose one case.

"The fact is that we're going to be aggressive about corruption wherever we find it," he added. "We won't tolerate corruption from any elected official of either party."

Christie said public corruption in any form is destructive to people's trust in government.

In a state with a highly-corrupt past, Christie said he's very proud of his Administration over the last three-plus years.

"There hasn't been a hint, not a mention, of scandal, self-profiting, any of those things in this Administration," Christie said. "Because the folks know that I won't put up for it. You've got to set that tone at the top."