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Bridgegate Culture?
The Q&A segment of Gov. Chris Christie's latest town hall took a turn toward the George Washington Bridge scandal that's enveloped his administration and clouded his reputation as a potential frontrunner for president in 2016.
No Realty Transfer Fee
Gov. Chris Christie indicated at a town hall that he'd be willing to scrap New Jersey's realty transfer fee, which reportedly produces hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state each year.
Keeping Tech Companies
With technology companies leaving New Jersey for the greener pastures of states like Texas and Florida, Gov. Chris Christie said New Jersey needs to do more to make itself more attractive to businesses.
Cut Senate in Half?
At his town hall on Tuesday, Gov. Chris Christie received a unique money-saving suggestion from a member of the Belmar crowd.
The Tesla Question
During the question-and-answer segment of his latest town hall meeting, Gov. Chris Christie defended the state's decision to ban Tesla from selling its electric vehicles directly to customers in New Jersey.
Christie: We Lack 'Patriotism'
Gov. Chris Christie's 112th town hall meeting started with a focus on Superstorm Sandy and the second round of federal aid headed to New Jersey later this year, but much of the question-and-answer segment addressed issues unrelated to the October 2012 disaster.
Focus on Sandy
Hosting his first town hall since the Bridgegate debacle unfolded, Gov. Chris Christie witnessed a rather calm crowd.
Flood Help On The Way
Almost seven months after Superstorm Sandy, there's some good news for New Jersey homeowners who have had continuing flooding problems in their homes.

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