It's a show within a show when Glen Burtnik puts on his "Beatles Bash" at the State Theatre in New Brunswick Saturday June 24. Not only will he be reproducing the entire Sgt. Pepper album on it's 50th anniversary but his alter ego band "The Weeklings" will also perform a few songs. The best way to describe the "Weeklings" is the best songs the Beatles never did.

The "Weeklings" are a Beatles inspired power pop band made up of musicians who have appeared and collaborated with many national artists. They are all brothers. You have "Lefty" (Burtnik) "Zeek" aka (Bob Burger), "Rocky" (John Merjave") and "Smokestack" ( on drums. (Joe Bellia)


The songs are short and infectious as you'll see from this video.

Burtnik aka "Lefty Weekling" and Bob Burger aka "Zeek Weekling" were in studio performing "Morning Noon and Night" from their "Studio 2" album which was recorded at Abbey Road studios in the same room where the Beatles made their albums.

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