Seriously, after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of a government worker who wanted to 'opt-out' of his public worker Union dues, the move is on for local NJ government employees to explore their own options.

If you are a New Jersey teacher, represented by the NJEA or a public worker covered by the CWA, you can now opt out of your annual dues. That's right, paying a fortune in dues? Tired of your union reps spending your money on political vendettas? (read: NJEA takes on Senate President Steve Sweeney.) Or would you just rather take the approximately $1,000 and put it back in your own pocket.

I was recently joined by Erica Jedynak, who is organizing the help site/line for New Jersey workers. She's encouraging you to visit and call (833) 33-MYPAY in order to learn the facts about what it means to you if you opt-out. Learn the facts about how you can finally make your own informed decisions without the coercion of the union bosses.

The Supreme Court has empowered you. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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