Some gifts mean more to New Jerseyans than people elsewhere. Bruce tickets. A season pass for Great Adventure. Maybe those reflective license plate covers back when we had red light cameras. An autographed Giants jersey. Well what if I told you you could give the whole state of New Jersey as a gift to anyone who misses it and it won't cost you a penny? And no, it's not a re-gift.

It just occurred to me after all this time that my brother who's been living in North Carolina for well over 10 years has probably never heard about the New Jersey 101.5 app. See, he used to be a big NJ101.5 listener. When he moved away he was less in touch with everything back here in his home state. The news, the weather, the attitude; everything. So how on earth did I never think to let him know about the free app available for download for iPhone or android users?


Well I've texted him all the info. And we'll make it even easier for you. If you have a friend or a loved one who was born and raised in New Jersey but life pulled them away from the Garden State, give them the gift of New Jersey this year. Share this link with them to make it easy,

With the free NJ101.5 app you can stay in touch with your home state 24/7. All the news, the shows they miss, the weather (they might be glad they're missing), even high school sports scores from your favorite town. It's all there on the app. They can keep up with the personalities through articles, photos and listening live. Turn your homesick loved one's phone into a radio and so much more. Check out podcasts, send in your own photos and videos, stay in total touch with New Jersey. It's their home state at their fingertips. Give them back New Jersey, but without the high property taxes!

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