Who knows what the rules will be as far as fans in the stands when the 2020 NFL season kicks off. In fact, who knows if the NFL 2020 season will actually be played?

The New York Giants are preparing for whatever happens by giving their season ticket holders who also bought personal seat licenses the option to skip this season and resume buying their tickets next year.

The team sent out an email to their season ticket holders which said:

"Because of the COVID-19 crisis and our commitment to our loyal season ticket members, we are offering all our season ticket members a choice for 2020:

1. If you want to keep your 2020 season tickets, we are deferring the first installment of your four-month payment plan from July 1 to August 14, 2020. If you choose this option, we will process your four payments on August 14, September 14, October 14 and November 13, 2020. You don't need to do anything – we will automatically update your payment plan enrollment.


2. We are offering all season ticket members the ability to take a year off from buying their season tickets. If you decide to do this, you will have no obligation to pay for your season tickets this year – we will take them back into our inventory and we will see you in 2021. Giants Stadium LLC has confirmed that your PSL Agreement will remain in effect and you will resume season ticket purchases in 2021."

This is a win-win for both the Giants and their fans. Of course, this all becomes moot if fans are not allowed in the stands. But by giving season ticket holders the chance to opt-out, that should make it easier for the team to abide by any limited capacity number that could be imposed. Also if social distancing rules apply, those fans who do decide to go could find themselves in seats close to what they had.

It's going to be interesting to see how many fans will actually choose to attend games under the new conditions. It's going to be really weird seeing few people in the stands at NFL games. It's going to be even weirder seeing them wearing masks. I wonder if the cameras will take shots of those who don't?

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