It's almost a forgone conclusion that Phil Murphy will be elected New Jersey's next governor come this November. So prepare yourself for our version of "Murphy's Law".

"Any tax than can go up, will....and at the worst possible moment".

Our current governor has a dismal approval rating of just below 15 percent. It's the lowest in the country and maybe of all time. It's very easy now to deride Governor Christie for any number of missteps and insults to us citizens over the last few years.

But as I've said many times, once "Chubby" pulls his fat little thumb out of the dyke, the torrent of taxes and fees coming our way to pay for what the Democrats want, will drown us all.

The big story that came out of Fridays' bill signing session was the raising of the smoking age to 21. Yeah that's stupid and pandering and totally ignores freedom and liberty, even if it does harm you.

But the big story that not many people are talking about is that Christie vetoed a bill that would have grossly expanded the state's family leave program.

It would have been another baseball bat to the knees of the already hobbled business community in this state, and would have been especially harmful to small businesses.

Knowing the governor's penchant for revenge, the fact that the bill's sponsor was Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto, could have had something to do with it.

But I think the real reason is the Governor knows crippling effect it would have on business here.

I've been critical of the Governor for a long time, but just know this, once he's gone and Phil Murphy is in charge, hang on to your wallet, start looking for property down south, cut back on the lattes at Starbucks, get a second job under the table, etc.

Not only will taxes go up but more stupid pandering laws will be signed as well. So you can add this one to Phil Murphy's Law. Count on it!

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