FLORHAM PARK — Gerber Products Company announced on Wednesday it is are conducting a voluntary recall of their Cheese Ravioli Gerber Pasta Pick-Ups.

Courtesy of US Food and Drug Administration
Courtesy of US Food and Drug Administration

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the recall is being done because egg is not listed on the product's "contains," statement. While egg is listed in the ingredients, it is not listed in the "contains" statement meant to better inform customers about potential allergy risks.

The product, according to the FDA, is only a danger to those people with an egg allergy or "extreme sensitivity." It has a UPC code of 159070 and has been sold in stores and online across the country.

There have been no illnesses reported, and the recall does not affect any other Gerber products. The FDA said they were alerted to the issue by a consumer, and the company said they are in the process of updating their labeling.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call 1-800-510-7494