FORT LEE — Security guards at the George Washington Bridge have complained about a number of concerns over the years, including being shocked by equipment, being hit by jumpers on the bridge, and not being able to use the bathroom when they need to.

According to a report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, those concerns are warranted despite what the company that employs them says.

A report on said Summit Security Services responded to questions by that news organization earlier this year. At that time, Daniel Sepulveda of Summit Security Services told reporters "None of the conditions you refer to existed, then or now."

But a 2014 report that was only made public last month after a Freedom of Information Act by The Record showed that the concerns were warranted, and also described the company as being uncooperative and inaccurate, according to the story. For guards who were worried about potential jumpers, the story, said they were told to "look up," and wear hard hats when on duty.

After the OSHA study was conducted, Summit was fined $12,000, but according to the story that was later reduced to $4,000. The story also said other changes were made after the study including the removal of extension cords and heaters which were deemed to be a safety hazard when wet.

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