At the beginning of the pandemic and for the next year and a half, the media and our politicians could not heap enough praise on our first responders and healthcare workers.

Now, they are being treated worse than prisoners or homeless vagrants on the streets. People are losing their jobs over a rule that doesn't make sense.

My daughter works for a major hospital in New Jersey. She is mandated to get the "booster" by the end of this month or face termination. She had COVID in early January. Doctors recommend people wait 90 days after infection before getting a booster. That doesn't seem to matter to the management.

These mandates make no sense and are hurting hardworking people in this state who want to choose what they inject into their own bodies.

Why more people are not speaking out about this is more frightening than the virus and almost as frightening as some of the side-effects of this new shot.

Who would have thought that truck drivers in Canada would be the ones leading the fight against this tyranny?

A frustrated nurse from Ocean wrote to me to explain the absurdity she's dealing with.

“Hi Dennis, I’m a hospice nurse in Ocean County and I’ve worked through this pandemic in the trenches alongside my peers in long-term care in assisted living. Our patients never go to the hospital, and some lived through the pandemic when it first began two years ago by using Z-Pak steroids and vitamins. Most of my patients who went to the hospital never came back because I’m sure they were mistreated with Remdesivir and ventilators. The hospital is “The House Of Fear” And now my peers are being terminated despite their religious and medical background. Even though they are still willing to test and take necessary precautions they are being terminated. I’m trying to help as many as I can. I don't know what to do. I'm looking for guidance or a lawyer or somebody that would help. And the kicker is that the visitors can come in even though they’re not vaccinated. They are already working short-staffed and now as they let go more nurses and caregivers, they will even be more short-staffed and I don’t know where that leaves the patients.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Dennis!!”

Yesterday was the deadline for these folks to get the shot or lose their jobs. Here is the update from the nurse that sent us the initial email on Tuesday:

“Denied Both Medical and Religious Exemptions and the executive order stating these exemptions can be recognized, these companies chose to terminate these healthcare workers, their letters stating....


Due to their decision not to comply with the governor's executive order, "You are no longer an employee". Some of these workers who have given 20 plus years of loyalty will lose their healthcare, will lose their seniority, will lose any accrued sick pay/paid time off. Even today, these workers were told “we can fix this and make this all go away if you just get the shot.” Some were approached with a loaded syringe at their workstation. A few succumbed to this coercion and took the shot, under duress, feeling trapped and helpless. They actually apologized to me! I apologized that they even had to be placed in this position, denied the right to choose and just continued to be tested, daily if necessary… This is just the first wave…Next wave is March 30th, the deadline for boosters.”

There are more stories of these people who chose to protect themselves by not getting the shot. They're in the medical field. They've done their research. Their presence is not a danger to anyone. Their absence could be. Hospitals are already short-staffed, and this will make it worse.

You can write to your representatives in the New Jersey Legislature and tell them they have to do something to stop this. These measures don't seem to be about public health anymore but about compliance and control. This nonsense has to stop!

I will share more of what these people are going through tomorrow....if I'm allowed.

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