Governor Murphy is off to a fast start. He's got his Attorney General working hard to promote his radical political agenda by joined lawsuit after lawsuit against the Trump Administration. He's pushing for legal aid for illegal aliens, legal marijuana, free college and now free Pre-K. Did he not get the memo that NJ is deep in debt, has somewhere near $110 BILLION in unfunded future pension and benefit liabilities, a bond rating in the toilet, teachers who haven't had raises in years, a woefully inadequate public transit system, roads and bridges in desperate need of repair, out-of-control taxes making it harder for average income families to afford to stay above water and a population of people who by increasing numbers are either leaving or in the process of formulating their exit strategy?

Murphy's solution? Free pre-kindergarten! Tens of millions in new spending. The Governor even tried to paint it as an investment in our future....something about every dollar spent will return seven dollars into the economy over time. What? Similar in logic to his campaign pitch to spend more state money in order to lower taxes. How's that working out for ya?

The bottom line is simple. It's not about attacking pre-K programs. It's about prioritizing spending. A homeowner deep in debt with an income that doesn't cover his bills should not be applying for a new credit card to go shopping. He needs a new job, or perhaps...just maybe...reduce spending! Smaller house, lower budget car. No more dining out. In terms of our state government? Renegotiate public health plans. Fire management. Reduce the number of superintendents and pay teachers what they're worth. Establish 401k plans for all new government hires. Eliminate wasteful spending on arts councils, legislative staff, government building renovation projects...And that's just a few things to get started.

What is our priority as a state? Transportation, education and public safety. Make sure these are all as close to 100% before coming up with a new project designed to create support among Democratic Presidential Primary voters in 2020. We just went through eight years with a Governor who had his sights set on everything, but making NJ more affordable. Let's not spend the next four, or worse, eight watching this Governor doing the same thing. Who speaks for New Jersey?

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