When Phil Murphy came out as a fan of the New England Patriots, I had no problem with it. But I wondered if former PA Governor Ed Rendell did. Rendell once called former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie "pathetic" for his love of the Dallas Cowboys. You may remember Christie in a red sweater engaging in a hug with Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.  How does Rendell feel about Murphy's Patriot love?

"Actually, I didn't say it was pathetic that he was a fan... What we objected to Chris Christie doing was throwing it in the face of south Jersey residents who are as much Eagle fans as anyone in Philadelphia," Rendell says. "You don't throw it in the face of your constituents, you lose to your team quietly, you don't offend your citizenry."

As for Murphy being a Patriot fan, "he rooted for them as a kid and you don't lose that first team that you rooted for very easily, we don't object to them holding the team they root for, just don't throw it in our face." Christie took several opportunities to trash both Eagles and Phillies fans. Says Rendell, "I always thought he had half a brain, then I was convinced that he didn't have any part of a brain."

The New York City born Rendell, who transitioned from being a Giants fan to rooting for the Eagles as he grew in Philadelphia politics becoming mayor then governor doesn't think anyone would have voted differently for Murphy had all the Jets, Giants and Eagles fans had known he was a Pats fan/ He does have one warning for our governor, "Murphy better not be sitting with Robert Kraft Super Bowl Sunday."

As for Rendell's Super Bowl prediction: 23-21, Eagles.

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