Brielle Lacosta joined me Thursday morning to explain her tweets directed at Democratic nominee for Governor Phil Murphy. She really took issue with his dismissive comment about the terrorist killer in New York City, referring to him as a "jerk."

Even writing this post and putting the word jerk in quotes knowing that the guy leading in the polls actually did say it makes my blood boil. How incredibly tone deaf for the families who have survived terrorist attacks at the hands of Islamists who quite possibly could've bee prevented from entering the country. How insulting and offensive to the families of those who were killed at the hands of these "deplorable animals" as the President referred to the NYC terror suspect.

Brielle went further in her tweets to refer to the candidates strong commitment to make New Jersey a Sanctuary State.

Let's also not forget Murphy's incredibly ignorant comment about having "their backs" after being asked about the undocumented killer of three students in Newark. Both Kim and Brielle are fighters and really do represent many women in New Jersey who are sick and tired of politicians having the back of the special interests.

Seems the people left out in the cold with Murphy and the Democratic leadership in the Senate and Assembly are the hard working men and women in the garden state made vulnerable from bad decisions regarding undocumented criminal aliens and pushed to the financial breaking point with out of control taxation, borrowing and spending.

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