When you talk about the things that let you know that spring is in the air you think of the obvious: Daffodils pushing up, a warmer breeze through your hair, the boardwalk attractions opening for weekends.

As I drove down the street in my town yesterday I noticed yet another harbinger of spring that we don't often think about.

The car wash!

9 cars lined up for a car wash! Now, of course there are people that wash their cars religiously all winter long, but it's generally right after a really bad snowstorm and there will only be one or two cars waiting in the line.

When you see a long line of cars at the car wash, you can smile because that's a sure sign that spring is very, very close!

We usually take the car wash for granted. In and out, the machines do their work and that's it. But today I appreciated the car wash more than ever. Because on the first day of spring it just feels cleaner somehow. So I decided to bring you with me through my car wash ride.

Happy Spring!

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