If you've been following my family's run on Family Feud since Friday, I'm sorry to report that is all you are going to get for now. 

My siblings and I got on the show during the second-to-last day of taping, and for that reason, we couldn't film the rest of our run.

We fly back to Atlanta in April or May to film at least one more episode (hopefully two). There's still $65,000 up for grabs, which we need, given the three close-but-no-cigar victories the past few days.

Quick recap: My family managed to reach the Fast Money bonus round three times, but we could not reach the ultimate goal of 200 points. On Friday, we ended with 128. Monday - 178. Tuesday - a heartbreaking 192.

Nevertheless, our few days in Georgia late last year were the best of my life. I got to relive those moments this past week, and I hope for another few memorable days in April or May.