We're all taught at an early age (sometimes the hard way) never to play with fire. It's hot, it's dangerous, and quickly, it can get out of control. Of course we need fire to heat our homes and to cook our food, so it's important to learn how to do so without causing a major catastrophe. Unfortunately, not everyone gets this message. To pay tribute to all the Memorial Day cookouts and barbecues each year, here's a group of videos of some idiotic people causing disasters on the grill! Some of their reactions after getting too close to fire and/or explosions involve not-so-nice language, hence our NSFW warning. Enjoy!

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    "Baked Beans Explosion"

    We're not sure what caused this explosion but by the looks of it, someone clearly did not know what they were doing - especially if only making baked beans!

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    "BBQ Fail"

    Leaning directly toward a fire while pouring anything onto it is a terrible, awful idea. What was this guy expecting?!

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    "Grill Fail"

    There's a common theme here. NEVER, EVER douse a small grill with lots of lighter fluid (while leaning over the fire). Apparently, common sense goes out the window while grilling.

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    "Man Almost Engulfed in Flames by BBQ"

    The title alone tells you what an idiot this person is, but be sure to watch as the guy barbecuing decides that the best location for the grill is adjacent to several plants. Then, in order to calm the fire down, he first covers it and at the 1:45 mark opens it as he leans right over it.

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    "Le Barbecue Explose"

    How do you say "BOOM" in French? The best part about this one is definitely this guy's extremely fast reaction as he jumps up to get away from the blaze.

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