Dennis and Dena had some fun today playing a round of Google Feud with the listeners.

Google Feud is like the game show Family Feud, but is based on the top searches on the internet.  You pick a category and you make guesses based on the start of the questions. The answers are based on the top searches you would get as an auto-fill when you start typing in search terms.

Here were some of the questions the listeners got to choose answers to:

"How do I fake a....?"

" The first thing people lie about is ....?"

"The thing celebrities have is....?"

"Can I perform my own....?"


Some of the answers surprised Dennis and Dena. Some of the answers Dena thought would be the #1 answer, didn't even make the top 10!  Dena even went as far as to create her own search called "Dennis Malloy is...?"

Have fun at home and try a round of Google Feud. See how well you do. You can play by clicking here.