I'm headed home from New Jersey 101.5 the other morning, and saw the barrels pictured above!

I laughed...quickly parked on the nearest side street...and ran back, camera in hand! This isn't something that you see every day! It was just too good to pass up!

When there's more than 1 recycling barrel per house, you get:

The usual/expected post-emptying barrel position... (Craig Allen photo).

Most times, the recycling truck and crew moves along...they have many barrels to empty and turn over before the day is done!

In the case of this tower, was the recycling crew bored...having some fast fun...or maybe, issuing...a challenge?!


Seeing the tower of barrels, I immediately thought of:

Remember this fun game from the 80's and 90's? (Craig Allen photo)

"Jenga" is a game of physical (and mental) skill. It was created by Leslie Scott, and introduced at the London Toy Fair in 1983. By around 1985, the 54-wooden-block game had become a worldwide sensation, marketed by the Milton Bradley company.

If it ever comes up in conversation (or in another game like "Trivial Pursuit"), "Jenga" is derived from a Swahili word that means "to build."

How does it work?

Like with the stacked recycling barrels, each player removes a wooden block from within the Jenga tower, and places it on top.

An "action shot" from the vintage Jenga box. (Craig Allen photo).

The last player to place a Jenga piece on top of the tower (recycling barrel tower) without it falling, WINS!

The recycling barrel "Jenga" from the reverse angle... (Craig Allen photo).

Take another look.

Would YOU be able to remove one of the barrels...without knocking the whole thing into the street...and the oncoming cars?

Let alone, stack the barrel that you removed...on top?

Careful...playing "out in the street!" Safety comes first!  (Craig Allen photo).

And, I don't mean take the top barrel off, and immediately place it BACK on top! C'mon!

I'm serious. That would be "cheating!"

Therein lies the "challenge."

So...as the recycling truck continues on its way...

Our fun-loving recycling crew hasn't gotten this far...yet. (Craig Allen photo).

...I'm heading for home to open my Jenga, and try my hand a winning a round!

Its a virgin! Look closely...the Jenga pieces are still wrapped in plastic, unopened! (Craig Allen photo).

Do you have a steady hand? I don't...

Care to join me?

You might get an easy WIN!