If the TV programming gods cooperate, and there's no breaking news at the wrong time, you can watch the Flammia family (my siblings and I) on Family Feud starting Friday, February 24.

To find when/where it's on in your area, head to familyfeud.com. Then type your zip code in the top right corner. It will give you the correct local channel, as well as the time slots for the program. In most areas, Family Feud airs twice each day. Our episode will be (should be) in the first time slot.

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect! The man with Steve Harvey is my brother, Rocco. He gives a classic answer that may wind up on all the "game show bloopers" programs.


From the video above, one can assume we advanced to the next day. Fast money = winning family. Therefore, if you'd like to follow us beyond Friday, episodes continue on the following weekday(s) in the same time slot.

Attention viewers/friends/family: Any respect you have for me will be gone after viewing Friday's episode. It took me quite a while to finally get in the "good answer" groove. Before you send a message about my stupidity, please know that I agree with you.


Who can honestly tell me they don't have the lifelong dream of appearing on an actual game show? It's always been a goal of mine. I've taken the test multiple times for Millionaire (and failed), and I've sent in applications for every show from Who's Still Standing to Wheel of Fortune - all of which went unanswered.

On Easter Sunday 2011, something reminded me that I saw a promotion on television to audition for Family Feud. I decided to check out the web site that day, and it turns out they were holding tryouts in Atlantic City in a week! To be accepted for the auditions, all you had to do was call or e-mail and register. The web site also suggested sending a video so the casting directors can get a "feel" for the families. Luckily, it was Easter, so all five of the Flammia siblings would be together. I took out my camera, and we produced the (embarrassing) video below. It's a play off the old sitcom intros.

We auditioned May 1 at Harrah's in AC. Hundreds of families attended, so the day was long. It was well organized, but I believe six hours went by before we actually got on stage to show our stuff.

The audition included two mock rounds against another hopeful family. The Family Feud crew encouraged everyone to be enthusiastic and just have fun. That's exactly what we did. A video from the crowd is below. It is hard to understand. The question we were asked - "Name a sport you shouldn't try if you can't swim." I buzzed in with the #1 answer, and the process began...

Immediately following our audition, which lasted just under ten minutes, the casting director told us we were one of the best families she saw all weekend. We were shocked and ecstatic. Weeks later, we received a postcard in the mail, telling us we were selected as "potential contestants" for Family Feud. Following that, we were sent a list of dates to find out when we would be available for a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to be on the show.

Finally, in August, we learned we would be flown down in the middle of September. Through the hysteria and nerves and comments like ,"I can't believe this is actually happening," we had to film a "Hometown Family Moment." Before a family makes it to the Fast Money round, the program airs a clip of the winning team's family members, who offer some words of encouragement. Here is the one we submitted, which will be featured on the program(s).

Here is my favorite video of all - my niece and nephew, and their attempt to create their own "Hometown Family Moment."

After a massive scare (my brother's name was wrong on his boarding pass, so he had to take a separate flight), we arrived in Atlanta and got on the show! Free flight, free boarding, free meals, being on Family Feud - it truly was the greatest experience of my life, win or lose. While our family is very close, it's not often the five siblings - with families and full-time jobs - get the opportunity to travel alone.


Tryouts are going on now for the next season of Family Feud. Click here for a list of audition locations, which they keep adding. I do not know if they will head back to AC. It's worth a shot, and you won't find a more fair audition process than the one offered by Family Feud.

Enjoy the show!