Our great friends Amy and Jonathan had a bit of a situation on Thanksgiving night. A simple attempt to heat up and crisp the top of a pie turned into a disaster as the pie caught fire under the broiler, setting the stove on fire and nearly taking down the house.

Thankfully, Jonathon thought quickly and acted by grabbing a fire extinguisher and putting out the flames.

Now the funny (can I say that?) part of the story is that the fire department was called earlier because the neighbors smelled smoke! Our friends turned them away only to call them a few minutes later after discovering the fire in their own kitchen! Can't make this stuff up. Thankfully everyone was OK, although the stove (and the pie) were total losses.

We talked about the incident on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Monday and got some great input from career and volunteer firefighters. The best advice? Call 911 if you smell smoke. Also, check your smoke alarms and make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen!

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